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Signia presents the „Launch of the Year“ in Cologne

Styletto AX, 75 Edition Walter Röhrl and AX Upgrade

Signia kicked off the year with its extraordinary „Be Brilliant“ event in Cologne. In addition to the extension of the AX portfolio with the new Styletto AX, the guests also got to see a limited, noble special edition on the occasion of the 75th birthday of their popular brand ambassador and ralley legend Walter Röhrl as well as new, exciting features.

Nothing more and nothing less than a „firework of emotions“, because for many guests it was not only an event in a festive setting for a long time, but above all a reunion.

Signia präsentiert den „Launch des Jahres“ in Köln

For sure: Remembering the past Signia events, the expectations are not set at a low level: both for the content and for the supporting program. At both, the Signia team once again proved that, despite all the anticipation, it truly can surprise and inspire at the same time.

The more than 400 invited guests were taken on a special journey, which focused not only on the special anniversary edition for ralley legend Walter Röhrl, but also on topics related to successful sales and marketing. In addition to the presentation of the AX version of the SLIM RIC hearing system Styletto, the expert presentations were devoted to exciting impulses about brands and their exclusivity as well as their relevance for successful selling. Finally, Signia also came up with a forward-looking vision of a shop-in-shop system.

Styletto: More than just a hearing aid

The predecessor models have already received multiple design awards, such as the prestigious Red Dot (2019) or the German Design Award 2020. Styletto`s first generation was already presented in 2018. A milestone with which Signia demonstrated courage. Signia was the first manufacturer ever which launced an entirely new, avant-garde SLIM RIC design. SLIM stands for Slim Lithium Ion Module and, of course, for slim. From „stigma to statement“ was one of the slogans at „those“ days.

After all, the Styletto allows new, especially younger potential hearing impaired wearers to be addressed and inspired by hearing technology. A step that no other manufacturer has taken to date. One can also speak about uniqueness.

Styletto AX: award-winning lifestyle design with Signia AX technologies

The new Styletto AX in Black/Graphite with the new Mobile Charger for even four charges and 3in1 Dry&Clean Charger.

Now the AX model has once again become slightly smaller and lighter. The overall shape language appears a bit softer and more elegant. Instead of five, the Styletto AX is available in eight color combinations.

The battery now has one hour more runtime, so up to 20 hours of hearing or 17 hours including 5 hours of streaming are available. The battery of the Styletto AX Mobile Charger also has more power. Instead of three times, the Styletto can now be charged four times without an additional power supply. Fully charged, the charger charger provides energy for a full five days period of use for the Styletto batteries. In addition, Signia also showed a stationary Dry&Clean Charger, which dries the devices during charging and disinfects them with UV-C light simultaneously.

Customers can choose between the three different performance levels 7, 5 and 3.Of course, a sDemo model for the testing period is also available. Last but not least, the Styletto range has been extended by a CROS variant for the named performance levels.

Focus: Signia AX Highlights

AX comes up with a variety of technologies, of which consistently positive feedback can be heard from the market. The core is the revolutionary two-way signal processing with all other refinements, of which OVP™ or the motion sensors shall only be mentioned as two examples only.

The 8 color variants of the new Styletto AX

If you take a look at some AX features, then for the Styletto target group, which is often described as self-confident and younger (typical first time users), the Signia app and the Signia Assistant are certainly highly relevant in addition to the form factor.

Both offer exciting personalization options for everyday use. Whether with the AI-supported Assistant, which is available virtually 24/7, or the intuitive program and fine-tuning control the app offers too – individual sound settings and customization are definitely an exciting unique selling point here. By the way, personalization is also the keyword for the frequently used AX function OVP™ (Own Voice Processing) – also highly relevant for first time users. By comparison, Bluetooth Streaming® for ASHA-enabled Android and iOS devices sounds almost like a hygiene factor.

The special „75 Edition Walter Röhrl“

Probably the fastest brand ambassador for hearing aids in the world – the former ralley World champion Walter Röhrl fits perfectly for Signia, because his personal demand for perfection is also reflected in his extensive feedback to product management and development in Erlangen/ Germany. The basic philosophy: striving for optimal interaction between technology and people. Since 2022, he has been the prominent face of Signia, arousing the interest of many end customers. There is hardly anyone in the baby boomer generation who does not know Walter Röhrl.

The new Styletto AX is available with the edition color Black/ Fine Gold with exciting metallic stripes, a signet and a model number imprint „One of only 750“. So there are only 750 of these Styletto kits. Included with each kit are two high-quality fan booklets as well as a high-quality stele display along with other instore and marketing material.

Signia shows a touch of exclusivity with this limited special edition, enabling German hearing care professionals to sell to a dedicated target group among potential Styletto wearers.

Surprise your customers: With the AX upgrades from May

Also presented was the upcoming firmware upgrade, which includes three feature novelties. Similar to a smartphone, added value is unlocked for the customer immediately after installation, because all 7, 5 and 3 AX devices on the market can once again inspire ist wearers with the improvements. An ideal option for hearing care profs to surprise their existing AX-customers during the next service appointment. By the way: AX models delivered from May onwards will already include these upgrades.

„Do you want to make history with us? For the first time in our 100+ year history, we are adding new features to existing products and customers simply by firmware upgrade!“

Sascha Haag, Head of Audiologie und Training, Germany

Starting in Many, hands-free calling with iOS devices will be possible for the AX performance levels 7, 5 and 3. And OVP will also receive an upgrade to the optimized OVP™ 2.0, whose operation mode and calibration has been additionally improved. The EchoShield function will be supplemented by an automatic system as a result of the upgrade. The whole thing is called AutoEchoShield and automatically detects the room acoustics and eliminates disturbing reflections already in the universal program of price point 7.

The commitment to the close partnership with hearing care professionals, coupled with many personal encounters and intensive exchanges, made the presentations and the evening event, which was bathed in black and gold, a successful start to the year for Signia. The fact that the Styletto is now in its 4th generation, equipped with the AX chip and introduced with new chargers, shows that the Styletto has an important place not only in Signia’s portfolio. The design language is well received – by booth, professionals and potential wearers, like the AX technology anyway. Last but not least, the limited „75 Edition Walter Röhrl“ is a high-class highlight, which has a special place in the consultation and fitting process of selected customers.